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Nov. 14th, 2008

scanning ...

[data transmission -- to X (_megaman_x, via the Nexus)]

X, if you aren't busy can I meet you in the Nexus or somewhere?

There's all kinds of eggs now -- I suppose I shouldn't be that surprised -- and since you have a lizard already I figured I could check and see if you want some of the eggs?

Let me know what you'd like to do, okay?


Oct. 13th, 2008


Roaming a park in Reality Vanish --

It was, annoyingly, starting to be too late in the season for Xiao to be grubbing around on RV's beaches. Or, at least, to get away with said grubbing without having any number of people be less than thrilled when he got home again --

Not my fault I don't have the insulation. Mmf; it won't hurt me ...

-- but at least the parks were still interesting. Maybe even moreso, with the leaves turning colours and all the critters running around and getting ready for the snow to hit. Once Chryses had settled down on his shoulders, gleaming gold, the birds had calmed down.

For a bit he'd been content to follow around a few songbirds and feed them with the seeds he'd brought (now forgotten on a nearby bench, the bag mobbed by little bodies); now he was pulling rosehips from a nearby bush and wondering if the birds could eat those too.

May. 16th, 2008

scanning ...

In the Nexus, roaming about

Go figure, this place actually being useful ...

Sometimes it seemed like Xiao always wound up in the Nexus looking for one thing or another.

At least this time he had a purpose; comm. and HUD headset in place, he was scanning though the local network for more information on firelizards as Chryses clambered over his shoulders and hung, trilling, from his ponytail.

He wasn't daft enough to have the visor tinted opaque, however, and kept close attention on his surroundings as he padded through the more active (and network-laced) portions of the Nexus.

May. 10th, 2008


In the Nexus : [glimmer in the mind's eye]

Back in the Nexus again --Collapse )

Mar. 26th, 2007

worlds crumble

at the Tree of the World

I still think it's weird there's hardly any security ...

or maybe they don't care anymore.

On yet another stealthy foray back to his own world, Xiao had taken it into his head to slip away from Phantom yet again -- it was strange staying in Chronias tower now, and stranger in the 0th's domain with the should-be-dead Zero sleeping.

Besides, he'd run into that X in Reality Vanish again; and there had been sharp words, and confusing arguments, and a lot of really weird things.

So here he was, having eeled his way to the base of the Tree in a part of Neo-Arcadia where no one ever went; and he spilled out his frustrations to the unmoving azure form wired and clenched into the Yggdrasil's roots ...

Feb. 23rd, 2007


waking the dead ... [rp post]

Well, there it was. He'd been putting it off -- that thing was creepy! -- but now Phantom had already cornered him once.

Granted, Xiao had managed to convince the Shadowlord that he wasn't getting himself in any danger, and needed to see the world before he could govern it; but that wasn't going to work forever. He needed to straighten out Phantom's mind, and he needed to understand what he found.

This 'Zero'. Rockman's heard of him too.

No time like the present ...

And thus Xiao found himself at Proto's door again, and knocking.

Dec. 23rd, 2006

elysium's chosen

Reality Vanish, and recuperating

Xiao had succeeded in finding his way to Reality Vanish after an extended round-robin meander from the Nexus to Rockman's wooded world and back again, with a few stealthy trips back to Neo-Arcadia in between.

Somehow he hadn't been caught yet, but he figured it was just a matter of time ...

And there had been such a massive forest in Reality Vanish! He'd had to go look despite himself. On the good side, he met a human boy named Dekao -- on the bad side, they had been swarmed by feral metools and he'd been injured rather impressively. Despite this, he got dekao on the route back to his own home and wandered back to find the rest of the mets.

On his second trip towards the ruins Xiao encountered Rockman, and the pair returned to Rockman's home -- where mending was undertaken, and a long and interesting conversation was had, including the possibility of staying in Reality Vanish and / or taking political science classes.

Not willing to risk Proto's ire, Xiao parted ways after exchanging commcodes with Rockman, and headed back to the forest-world to nest and let his autorepair do its work while he considered what to do.

If all else failed, he could see what could be found in the Nexus, after all ...

Dec. 8th, 2006

stranger's smile

(no subject)

Nexus-roaming was proving to be something enlightening, indeed. A question about something called a Holy Hand Grenade (which now seemed even more unlikely), lead to some interesting encounters.

One person claimed that there were no more mechaniloids or repliroids, and got very agitated over some parts of their discussion. This was annoying, but somehting Xiaos was slowly coming to expect.

But he also ran into Rock again, who showed him a truly living world.

Xiao stayed there for quite some time, just -- looking.

It was important that the Council never find out about that world, oh yes.

Dec. 5th, 2006

stranger's smile

[nattering around the Nexus]

Such a strange place! Xiao had never imagined there could be so many different creatures -- so many different organic creatures, in any case.

Certainly there had been more fauna on Earth once (as Harpuia was known to bemoan the loss of), but never so much sentient life.

It was ... interesting. And pleasantly unusual.

Before continuing through to whatever other worlds this Nexus might offer passage to, he decided to lurk about and see what he could see.

This was so much preferable to being confined in the tower in Chronias District, oh yes.
elysium's chosen

[entered into a lightfield data-pad]

Slipping away from the Council was surprisingly easy. Dodging Phantom -- that was more difficult, but I managed it. I want to see, damn it all.

Strange, though; the teleport-pad took me to a place called the Nexus, and it's apparently another world, another universe altogether. I met someone there who took exception to how I should be dealing with things, but it seems to have fallen out fine.

And he knows of X -- two Xs, even.

I want to know more about this different-worlds phenomenon.

Well, this is going to be even more illuminating that I'd thought ...